Sunday, May 13, 2012


MOTHERS OF OUR COUNTRY It started with the democrat “soccer moms” sometime in the 1990s. Any expansion of government whether on the local state or federal level was justified by the claim that it was being done “for the children”. I think that any time that a politician or bureaucrat proposes intrusive rules or laws with the catchphrase “for the children”, they should be immediately hanged with a sign around their necks stating that: “ We did this for the children”. Like weeds, mothers groups started springing up all over the country. It seemed that each ‘Mothers Against’ (fill in the blank) organization targeted at least one of the first Ten Amendments to the US Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights. Not to say that the problems that they addressed weren’t serious, but the solutions overreached and seemed to erode our civil liberties. The premiere group Mother’s Against Drunk Driving could have easily been renamed “Mothers Against the 4th 5th and 7th Amendments. Been through a “Traffic Safety Stop “lately? Have you been nailed by a Traffic Enforcement Camera? Been fined for “Distracted Driving”? Seen the video surveillance drones over your neighborhood? You can thank Candy Lightner, the pioneer of Mothers Against….movements. Other maternal groups include: Mothers Against Pornography….Targeting Free Speech -the The First Amendment Mothers Against Gun Violence….Against the ownership of guns-The Second Amendment It is surprising that the Mothers are not demanding that the government station troops in our homes (3rd amendment) or that public flogging be reinstated (8th Amendment). Actually, a group of welfare mothers in Chicago during the 90s wanted National Guard troops to be stationed in public housing. And the beat goes on….. Mothers Against Knives…Having successfully banned guns in England a new crusade was started. Mother Against the Draft…There isn’t actually a draft, but if they would be against it if it existed….or maybe this group opposes cold air infiltration. And even…and I swear this is real….. Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up…..Complete with a Yellow Ribbon campaign Recent political hope and change in the USA have given more fuel to the Mommy State, representing the ultimate power in the social dynamic, Big Momma. As Norman Bates said: “I’d do anything for my Mother”. Mothers were our first exposure to absolute power growing up. These argument ending words echo throughout the ages: “Because I said so, and I’m your Mother.” They’re Mothers all right.